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How well is your web site producing? A beautiful web site does nothing for your business unless it’s being seen. Through our Internet Marketing services, we focus on ways you can better utilize the most important marketing tool in your organization by understanding your audience and finding ways to strategically increase your exposure to them.

The following are ways we do that through our in-house capabilities and partners

Online marketing, or internet marketing, gives you the power to reach an infinite world of consumers. Canudoo is an online marketing company from Shanghai that provides services to both domestic and international clients. We are an online business marketing company that can create effective online business promotions for your firm. If your goal is to make your presence felt on the world wide web, and build up a positive brand recognition amongst your customers, then you have come to the right internet marketing website.

We don’t believe in just plain online marketing. We focus on forming a suitable strategy while keeping in mind the exclusive marketing needs of your company. There are many internet marketing companies in LA but what sets us apart from the rest is our professional approach to our work, our team of expert and highly-skilled professionals, and our usage of up-to-date internet marketing tools and technological applications. Our website promotion services utilize uncommon approaches, such as guerrilla marketing tactics, where appropriate. We also use internet advertising services when beneficial to our clients.

Pay per click, affiliate marketing, viral marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, linking strategies, and online advertising, are some channels through which we can give your website it’s competitive edge.

You can choose from different internet marketing packages that are customized to your businesses needs. Canudoo is an Shanghai based internet marketing company that offers state-of-the-art online business solutions specifically tailored to your company by our marketing professionals.

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