Web Consulting

Expertise in a trade can lead to profound results. Think of the difference business consulting can make on your company. If you plan to launch a new website or reform an existing website design, partnering with an elite web design and development consulting company would certainly pay off.

Canudoo is a powerful web management consulting company based in Shanghai, providing web design and development consulting for small businesses and large, across an infinite number of industries.

We offer web design consulting services to both domestic and international clients at the most reasonable rates. Our web design consulting company of Shanghai combines the technical proficiency with strategic thinking that is necessary for the success of a web design development project.

Website start up consulting considers different areas of website designing that are crucial for launching a new site. It encompasses web designing, web hosting, content management systems, web development, search engine optimization, and more. Our internet business consulting specialists would conduct extensive research about your industry, requirements, target market and customers, competitors’ strengths, while keeping your budget in consideration.

Canudoo’s team of experts will work with you to satisfy all your requirements and build a powerful and effective site. The years of experience accumulated in our web consulting company, allow us to easily overcome the many questions and challenges that surface in the developmental stage, such as which design is most appropriate, who is our target audience and how do we effectively communicate to them, and how do we optimize the website successfully. Our web professionals can foresee and prevent problems from arising, which can lead to dramatic economic benefits. And our extensive customer support services will let you rest assured. Watch you business reach and surpass your highest goals! Canudoo’s web design consulting services can get you there.

If you currently have a site and development firm but need assistance with Internet consulting, analysis of your current efforts, or ideas for improvement we’re here to help. We have many years combined experience and are regularly staying on top of trends to better educate our clients.

We’re here to help! Rely on us.